Editor’s Choice: Three Events you shouldn’t miss at TOA


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Tech Open Air is taking place this week on Wednesday and Thursday at Alte Teppichfabrik. According to TOA, 1,500 people are expected to arrive on the first day of the event, joining over 150 speakers and panelists.

Beside many more, these three events made it onto my HAVE TO SEE list:

Creativity & Innovation: A musician's startup journey (by Nikolas Schriefer)

Keyboardist Nikolas Schriefer will open this year's TOA with a short performance of his duo project NKSR. In his talk he will explain the concept of musical composition and improvisation. Furthermore, he will apply these to the ideation processes in startups. His remarks will include theoretical thoughts on creativity and innovation as well as practical advice on how to enable and enhance productive and efficient creative processes.

Hacking the Human Potential (by Andy Walshe)

After listening to Teemu Arina, author of Biohacker's handbook, at MLOVE this year, this will be a must-watch for me. Having already learned about gras butter in coffee, I am curious about this session aiming to explain how life can be improved by the access to a collective knowledge and the advances in technology. The goal is to not only unlock one’s own unlimited capacity, but also to improve society as a whole.

To Exit or not to Exit (Aaron Iba & Anson Tsai )

Having met Aaron Iba and listened to his story, I highly recommend everyone to join this session as it will change your idea on exits. You can expect a quite intimate founder’s talk on a career that involved selling his platform Etherpad, that later became part of Google Docs, to Google. Iba will by joined on stage by Anson Tsai who sold and exited from SoundCloud competitor Anywhere.FM in 2008, as well as from Cardpool, which he recently sold for $60 million.

Besides that, many satellite events will take place.

Find an overview on TOA’s website.

See you there!


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