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Top 5 Anti-Gifting sites and apps for Christmas

anti consumerism

anti consumerism

Rise up against the hyper commercialism of Christmas and the Veruca Salts of the world (watch below), and dig into the season's real spirit by flexing those charitable muscles. If you feel nauseated by the idea of hunting-down another useless gift, then rally up family and friends to put that money and energy into something more meaningful.

Having recently listed our top five social gifting apps, we've done a left-winger and provided our top five anti-gifting sites and apps for the socially conscious folk..


InsteadInstead helps you re-think your craving for that second latte and "instead" donate the money toward your favourite non-profit. Does Auntie May really need that extra bottle of fine red you know she's just going to use for cooking? Think not.

width="80"There's a Betterplace for giving this Christmas. This peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform is a marketplace for non-profit organisations and projects with more than 3,500 projects on the database across over 132 countries worldwide.


doonitedDo good, feel good: that's the philosophy behind "deed a day" website Doonited. Out to create a sweeping social movement, Doonited believes in daily good deeds which can be plucked from one of many small missions posted on the website by users.


HopeMobWhere strangers unite to help specific people in need from around the world. HopeMob, a new social enterprise, hyped on Oprah, lets users vote-up and donate to their favourite story of struggle, on which they think is the most compelling plea for help.

whyown.itWhy buy it when you could borrow it? makes borrowing among friends easy. Cut down on shopping stress and useless new stuff we're cramming our planet with and get your close circles to share and lend out items instead.

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