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Top 5 Social Gifting apps for Christmas

Getting ready for Christmas

Sure, it's a first-world problem but sometimes it's hard to know what to get our special tech-savvy friends. But don't worry – we've saved you some last-minute shopping scrums and put together our Top 5 gifting apps to take the pain out of offline and even online shopping. Your friends' Christmas joy is a mere click away...

Getting ready for Christmas


toastLike a wedding registry for all occasions, this iPhone app makes wishlists social. Share your most-wanted items with loved ones, and voila – hello iPad mini? A touch of gamification is involved, giving you Karma Points and a ranking system to see who's the “most generous” of them all...


wrappWrapp is one of the earliest movers and shakers in the online gifting world. Bringing gift cards to the digital sphere, Wrapp lets you send mobile gift cards to Facebook friends using popular retailers such as Starbucks and H&M.


StuffleAs the Stuffle motto goes: "find great stuff nearby". German-born iPhone app; much like America's Goshi, is a mobile flea-market of stuff in your vicinity. Sell-able items are made searchable to other users in your area via a map, with payment and collection talks left to private messages.


BonaYouHave no wishlist to go by? Don't have time to find and get a pressie over to that special someone? BonaYou lets you send prepaid Mastercards as gifts to Facebook friends. Real cards are shipped over and can be redeemed in physical or online stores.

Spoil Me!

Spoil Me!A free and fun way to share what you want – via lists of tagged items from favourite stores – with those you love. Much like Toast (above), the recently launched Spoil Me!, acts like a gifts registry and aims to be your "shopping companion" for any present-buying occasion.

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