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German Silicon Valley Accelerator announces 9 new winners – TradeMob, Tweek, Roombeats

German Silicon Valley Accelerator

German Silicon Valley Accelerator
The winners of the latest German Silicon Valley Accelerator (GSVA) programme spots are out – TradeMob, Tweek, Roombeats, Azeti Networks, Adtelligence, Itembase, HoneyTracks, Celonis and Mobile Event Guide.

Those nine will have the option of taking up a three to six month spot in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, paired with industry mentors and put in touch with the contacts they'll need to gain fundraising or nail a launch in the US.

TradeMob, a mobile marketing technology company, aimed at iOS and Android app developers, won the "best of the best" award this time round, and will use the spot in the programme to fast-track its US market entry.

Something's up with B2B in Germany...

Most of the above are B2B companies – Azeti Netwoks is a platform to connect web-capable devices (think "Internet of Things"), Adtelligence deals with social marketing and Roombeats with image-based ads, and Honeytracks and Celonic are analytics companies (games and operative process data, respectively).

That will be music to the ears of the team organising B4B, a up-and-coming network for disruptive B2B companies in Berlin. London investment bank Torch Partners, which is about to open an office in Berlin, is also particularly intrigued by the B2B scene here, or so CEO Rupert Robson told GigaOM.

Meanwhile, Tweek is a social TV discovery platform, and Itembase tracks gadgets and consumer products you own and might want to resell. Mobile Event Guide is an app for the trade fairs and conference Germany is famous for.

The latest GSVA winners were announced at an event in Munich late last week and the next round of applications closes in March 2013. Previous winners have included Ondango, UPcload, 6Wunderkinder, ParStream and Nelou.


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