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Train startup Locomore reaches for the brakes

Locomore, a German train startup, is having serious technical troubles. Four weeks after launching a new route, the startup is limiting their service.

After launching a new route between Berlin and Stuggart, Locomore, a young German train startup, immediately hit the brakes.

A number of issues requires extensive maintenance work, so the company is limiting their service to four days a week, a German newspaper reported.

Problems included defective toilets, weak WiFi signal and bugs in the booking software. Locomore anticipates returning to full capacity in April.

Crowdfunding: 1,200 fans gave 250,000 euros

Customers who already booked tickets on days the service will be cancelled are to be reimbursed or given a voucher to use later. According to the startup, 25,000 people used the connecting service from Berlin to Stuttgart in the first four weeks, which if true, would mean the startup nearly reached their goal of 1,000 travellers per day.

The startup crowdfunded approximately 250,000 euros with the help of 1,200 supporters on Startnext. Locomore’s basic tickets run around 22 euros and are considerably cheaper than the normal priced tickets offered by the Deutsche Bahn. The reasonable price is also supposed make Locomore a competitive option to the numerous, inexpensive cross-country buses.

The company is already experienced when it comes to rail transport: The startup has been offering rides between Hamburg and Cologne since 2012.

This article first appeared on NGIN Mobility (German).

Photos via Locomore

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