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Twago founder Gunnar Berning steps down, head of PR follows suit


Berlin-based online service broker Twago has announced its CEO and cofounder Gunnar Berning is stepping down. He will remain an advisor to the company. Head of PR, Christoph Burbes, has also left the company after a six-month stint.


While not naming a reason for Berning's departure, a statement released today makes it very clear that the company, which  filed for bankruptcy early in 2012, will now focus solely on its European expansion, stating "in future, we will focus primarily on our European core market".

The two other Twago cofounders, Maria Lindinger and Thomas Jajeh, go on to say: “We respect the decision of Gunnar Berning, even if we regret it very much. Twago was Gunnar Berning – he was behind the recent very successful developments which lead to the best business year in 2012 since launching. We are pleased that he will remain tied to the company as an advisor and will continue to provide us with his expertise."

Twago's head of PR, Christoph Burbes, has also left the company – in no small part because the CEO stepped down: "Gunnar was one of the reasons I joined Twago. Him leaving is also one of the reasons why I am leaving." When asked if he would be working with Berning on another product, Burbes didn't let anything slide but told us "you never know".

It's the second big upheaval in the Berlin startup scene in less than a week – last Thursday GetYourGuide announced that it had taken over travel and experiences platform, Gidsy. Rumours surrounding the takeover pointed at Gidsy struggling to grow.

Things had been looking up for Twago after it secured a €2.25m funding round from Euro Serve Media and German Media Pool in June last year. The funding came just two months after the marketplace for freelancers filed for insolvency.

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