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TWIST Berlin Cheat Sheet: The Video Roundup, Minute by Minute

On Friday, we hung out with Henrik Berggren and Paul Jozefak on the Twist Berlin jury, where we heard 19 passionate, innovative Berlin-based (!) startups pitch their keyboard shortcuts, mail-order toys, cloud-based email organizers, and late-in-the-game betting schemes. It was a dynamic night of Berlin-thusiasm and international collaboration, with the top five (that we selected after many grueling questions and much debate) got to appear on Jason Calacanis's California-based, live-streamed show "This Week in Startups." Check out the pitches below along with a rundown of the show, minute-by-minute!

"Mytoybox" is going to SF to represent Berlin!

It was a monumental moment for Berlin. We all felt proud of this city and all the people contributing to the progress and feeling.

So...for those of you who missed it: We know you're busy, but if you have time, definitely watch the whole show (right here). Otherwise, definitely check out the 5 Berlin startups who got to pitch to Jason and pick your favorite highlights to watch from the time sequence below:

The top five pitches:

•  Jan Mechtel on KeyRocket, the keyboard shortcut learning system. Watch:
•  Hermann Frank on Fashionism, the location aware fashion discovery app. Watch:
•  Shermin Vohmgir on Cinovu, a community for discovering and supporting indie films. Watch:
•  Phillipp Mayer on SquadMail, a free app for email collaboration. Watch:
•  Florian Spathelf on MeineSpielzeugKiste (translation: MyToyBox), the online toy subscription service. Watch:



In case you can't watch it all, here's a rundown of the content, minute-by-minute:

0:00-1:00 Welcome to the first TWiST Berlin meetup!
1:00-2:00 Today, we’re excited to bring you the next in our global meetup series that includes London, Paris, Seoul, South Africa and Chile.
4:30-7:00 We’re excited to announce a new sponsor today: LiquidWeb! Everyone go to to get $100 in free hosting.
7:00-10:00 Radek, are you there? What’s going on in Berlin?
10:00-12:00 What’s the tech scene like there?
11:00-12:00 Jan Mechtel pitches KeyRocket, the keyboard shortcut learning system. Check it out at
12:00-14:15 Great pitch, thank you Jan.
14:15-14:45 Tyler: I think the pitch was quite good, but I felt like you could have provided some data points about time saved using shortcuts.
14:45-16:00 Jason gives the presentation a 7.5 and Tyler gives it an 8.
16:00-16:30 Tyler: This product was made for you, Jason. Who is your target user?
16:30-17:00 Jason gives the product a 9 and Tyler gives it an 8.
17:00-18:00 Next up is Hermann Frank pitching Fashionism, the location aware fashion discovery app. Go to to see more.
18:00-19:00 Tyler: Sorry, this wasn’t a good pitch. I give it a 5.
19:00-19:45 Jason gives the pitch a 6.
19:45-21:45 Tyler and Jason give examples of how to reword the pitch.
21:45-22:45 Hermann, is this a website or an app?
22:45-23:15 Jason: I could see my wife really using this. I give the business a 9.
23:15-24:30 Is there a map view?
24:30-25:30 Tyler also gives the business a 9 or 9.5.
25:30-27:30 Thank you to Sourcebits for sponsoring the show. Everyone thank @Sourcebits!
27:30-30:00 Shermin Vohmgir pitches Cinovu, a community that is like Soundcloud for independent films. Go to to see more.
30:00-30:45 Jason: The pitch has high on concept but low on exact details. I give both the pitch and business a 6. We need specifics.
30:45-32:15 Tyler, what is your take on it?
32:15-33:30 Shermin: I disagree, I think that filmmakers don’t wait for funding to make their films.
33:30-35:00 Can’t filmmakers just put their film up on YouTube?
35:00-36:30 Tyler rewords the pitch.
36:30-38:30 Jason: There are some clever features and I think it’s a good looking website.
38:30-39:15 How much do I get for $5?
39:15-40:45 When is the website going to launch?
40:45-41:00 Jason gives the videos a 10, the pitch a 6 and the business an 8. Tyler gives the pitch a 6 and the business an 8.
41:30-44:00 Phillipp Mayer pitches SquadMail, a free app for email collaboration. Go to to see more.
44:00-46:15 Tyler: I don’t understand exactly what it does.
46:15-47:00 If I reply or delete an email, does it do that across the board, in everyone’s mail?
47:00-48:30 Jason gives the pitch a 7 and business a 7.5. Tyler gives the pitch a 6.
48:30-49:00 What’s the payment structure?
49:00-51:00 Discussion of the evil Samwer brothers.
52:30-54:00 Last up, we’re going to hear from MeineSpielzeugKiste (translation: MyToyBox). Pitching the online toy subscription service is Florian Spathelf. Go to to check it out.
54:00-55:15 Jason gives the pitch an 8.5 and the business a 9.5 and says that it’s a great idea.
55:15-56:00 A tip for startups: always have a hidden “whale” level for people who want to pay more money for better service or more/higher end goods.
56:00-58:30 Tyler gives the pitch an 8.5/9 and the business a 9.
58:30-1:02:00 Jason and Tyler review the pitches to pick a winner.
1:02:00-1:04:30 Jason’s top three are KeyRocket, MyToyBox and Fashionism. Tyler’s top three are KeyRocket, MyToyBox and SquadMail.
1:04:30-1:05:15 And the winners are... Jason chooses KeyRocket and Tyler chooses ToyBox so it’s a tie!
1:05:15-1:05:30 All five companies will get a free table and five free tickets to the LAUNCH Festival!
1:05:30-1:07:00 The winners make their acceptance speeches.
1:07:00-1:08:00 Radek, you did a spectacular job and I’m thrilled with the quality of the companies.
1:08:00-1:08:30 Long live German innovation, thanks everyone!

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