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Impressions from Valley in Berlin 2014 (Picture Gallery)

"If I had to place a bet on the next startup hub after Silicon Valley, I would bet on Berlin," remarked Aerin Lim, Director of Investor Relations at 500 Startups, at Valley in Berlin 2014. Similar positive sentiments on Berlin's startup scene were echoed throughout the morning and early afternoon as speakers and panels took the stage at yesterday's event.

Valley in Berlin is organized by YOU IS NOW, a startup incubator created by the Scout24 portals. Its goal is to allow startups from the U.S. to meet and network with startups from Berlin.

Here is a look at the event in pictures:


Valley in Berlin participants filled the foyer of ImmobilienScout24 located near Ostbahnhof on October 30th. The event started with speakers and panels followed by the second annual Demo Day from the YOU IS NOW incubator.


Brigitte Zypries, the Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, was the keynote speaker at Valley in Berlin. "In order for Germany to remain a top international player, we need to promote better networking among startups and bring them together with investors at an early stage," she says.


Brigitte Zypries, Aerin Lim, Marc Stilke (CEO of ImmobilienScout24), Edial Dekker (Senior Product Manager at Eventbrite), and others were open for questions at the press meeting.


Aerin Lim introduced 500 Startups and discussed the elements needed for a successful startup ecosystem including risk taking, capital, and a structure that supports startups at each stage.


Felix Huber is Country Lead at Stripe, a startup that has created an easy and secure way to accept payments online and in mobile apps. In addition to sharing his lessons learned, Huber believes that Germany should play more to its strengths in terms of startup technology. He wonders, for example, why Germany has not been more innovative in the fields of car manufacturing and 3D printing.


Felix Huber's conclusion is that Berlin is slowly maturing as a startup hub. With such high hopes for Berlin, next year's Valley in Berlin will surely be an interesting time to reflect on how far we have come.

Image Credit: Elena Rueckert

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