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Vamos introduces new Android App and shares its key learnings from previous attempts

After pulling its first Android version down, the team of four at Vamos went live with a new version today – almost 2 years later. Luis-Daniel Alegria, CEO and co-founder, looks back and shares his most valuable learnings.


In 2012, the event discovery platform Vamos went live. Like many startups, the Berlin-based startup launched its iOS (Apple) version first. Just four month later, the Android (Google) app was introduced. Shortly after, however, the team realized the Android app was still buggy – which is common for a bootstrapping startup.

But that was also the time when a decision on platforms, milestones, and (time) investment needed to be made.

“We decided to take [the Android version] down. It’s far more important to provide a great service than just wanting to be on all platforms for the sake of it,” Alegria says.


Looking back, he and his team found these key learnings when it comes to product development:

  1. “When you start building a product make sure to allocate your resources wisely. Rather focus on one product initially and get it right before expanding to more platforms,” Alegria reflects.

  1. Make sure to not reinvent the wheel. Instead, Alegria advises to follow a platform’s rules and look around for best cases in order to accelerate speed and adoption. Building everything from scratch sounds fun but most of the times only confuses the users.

  1. When launching on a new platform, do it right. Treat users as you want to be treated and provide them with the best service possible. Once committed to a product, make sure you can deliver what you promised.

Taking all learnings into consideration, the new Android app launched this morning. It’s a hybrid application, which means it’s partly native, partly web-based.


“We build Vamos in a way where we can work from one codebase that allows us to quickly iterate our product and at the same time allows us to provide high standards across our platforms,” Alegria explains.

Also, Vamos announced over one million events available on all three (Android, iOS, web) platforms now. It includes events from the five largest event sources: Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, Eventim, StubHub and Facebook.

Besides event recommendations on personal interest, users can also see what events Facebook friends attend and sort them by popularity, time and categories. RSVP is possible, as well as buying tickets and signing up for guest lists.

Vamos has raised a friends and family round and an angel round. In total Vamos received a low six digit funding. Investors include Eric Wahlforss CTO & co-founder of SoundCloud, Heilemann Ventures and Polar Ignition, a group of Swedish angel investors.

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