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Events finder app Vamos announces Android launch

The team behind events app Vamos who impersonate their startup by making an appearance at most events in Berlin, today announced the launch of their Android app and an upcoming redesign of the iOS app.


Three of the cofounders: David Prentell, Luis-Daniel Alegria and Jens Dreßler

The Android app has a simple and clear layout, including all the information on the events in the events list, as opposed to the iOS model, where you have to click on the events to get more details. There is a new integration with Instagram photos in the events overview, plus when users share events, the app automatically creates an event page with a live stream of photos from both Instagram and EyeEm. Currently, the app is most popular among expats and travellers in foreign cities.

width="190"The team at Vamos are keen to do things a little differently; they're shunning the traditional expansion route and setting their sights on the lucrative South American market rather than heading toward the US. Vamos is focused on pushing the app in Chile and Brazil – and so far, so good, Vamos CEO Luis-Daniel Alegria announced they are the 11th most downloaded app in Chile, which is their second largest market after Germany. Alegria, who is a Swede with Chilean heritage, is keen to go back to his roots and give back to the South American markets.

After announcing an investment round led by Heilemann Ventures in October this year, Vamos is now after more funding to improve the app and work on adding categories to the events list, including nearby events, events starting now or events with particular types of music. They're looking to monetise by hosting featured events, for a fee.

Anyone keen to party with the Vamos team (and their entourage) are welcome to join their Christmas party at Kunztschule this Saturday, simply show the event on the app at the door for free entry before midnight.

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