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Events app Vamos gains first revenue and shifts gears to target online event ticketing



Events discovery platform Vamos has announced a new direction – online event ticketing – to focus on "getting real" with its business model and prepare for a new version of the app. Additionally, the startup has sealed partnerships with ticket vendors Ticketmaster, Eventbrite and Ticketfly in an attempt to stand out in the crowded event market.

"We believe that Vamos will become the go-to source for events – similar to what Google is for websites today. Like them, our engineering challenge will lie in crafting better and more personalised event results for our users. We are now looking for the next round of financing,” said Vamos CEO Luis-Daniel Alegría.

The Berlin-based startup announced a six-digit family and friends funding round last October, which included investors Fabian and Ferry Heilemann of Heilemann Ventures.

Vamos has also hit a nice milestone – its first paying customer. "The Converse event at Stattbad Wedding is where we gained our first revenue. Converse is basically paying us to promote their event – this shows that there are companies interested in promoting events through our platform," Alegría told VentureVillage.

Currently, the Vamos team is beta-testing the ticketing integration for the app and is planning to launch it in the next couple of months in iOS only – which is interesting because Vamos rolled out an Android version just last December. "It was more difficult than we thought and because of that, we're going to reduce the scope of Android version due to resources," he explained.

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