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VIDEO: Internet mogul Niko Waesche talks Europe’s startup business, battles and his book

Niko Waesche

Investor, entrepreneur and author: A German internet veteran of 15 years, Niko Waesche describes himself as a “head-hunter’s nightmare” with a swag of experiences and skill-sets behind him.

From founding and investing, to mentoring and co-writing “Simply Seven – Seven Ways to Create a Sustainable Internet Business”, Waesche also kicked-off media for equity advertising fund German Media Pool (GMPVC) in March, 2011 – arguably the first of its kind for startups in Europe.

We caught up with Waesche on-camera in his home-base of Berlin to talk about the European investment landscape, GMPVC and what to expect from his book.

Video shot and produced by Glenn Goodison

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