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VIDEO – Travis Todd talks Beers, Bears, BuddyLabs and Berlin

Hot on the heels of the brand-new Buddy Beers iPhone app release, we caught a few seconds with Travis J Todd, Co-Founder of Buddy Beers to hear what's next on the roadmap for parent company BuddyLabs and why Berlin makes such an attractive place for a startup founder.

Todd explained that BuddyLabs moniker was chosen to give a wide remit, with the first phase limited to beers in order to test out the model of "social giving" that has always been at the heart of the company.

"And anyway, the German authorities had an issue with us registering Buddy Beers as it was deemed too similar to Buddy Baers [the colourful carbon-fibre symbols of Berlin]"

When quizzed as to what has kept him in Berlin, Todd cites a fertile creative scene, great nightlife and an efficient transport system in his top reasons for sticking around.

The company is just closing a seed round to attract new investors for projects that will see the company branch out into different online gifting projects in 2012.

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