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Village Insider – Berlin’s top tech events (30 Jan – 5 Feb 2012)

hack and tell

As the first month of the year draws to a close, where better to find refuge against the cold snap than at this week’s top tech and startup events in Berlin? Hot drinks, warm welcomes and heated debate – toasty!

Monday 30 January - Tuesday 31 January

If you want to stay ahead in the mobile market, the MCTA conference kicks off this week to examine the economy, technology and opportunities surrounding the mobile market. Mon 30 Jan sees a selection of workshops on mobile issue such as NFC, mobile payments and e-commerce while the following day focuses on conferencing and networking.

WHERE Ludwig-Erhard-Konferenzzentrum, Fasanenstraße 85
WHEN From 9am, Mon 30 January
HOW MUCH 340€ per day or €540 for two days

hack and tell

Tuesday 31 January

If you want to see the coolest hacks in Berlin, get to the first 2012 Meet-Up of Berlin’s Hack and Tell group (above) kicks off tonight. As always, the definition of hack is loose: “Just hack our senses! Anything is allowed, just cross the line to awesomeness – and if it fails it should do it really beautifully.” Participants get five minutes to present in English, with time for Q&A after the event.

WHERE: C-Base Raumstation, Rungestrasse 20
WHEN: 6:30pm onwards
HOW MUCH? Free with registration at the Meetup Group


Wednesday 1 February

If you want a little Clojure in your life, the Clojure Berlin Meetup is a chance for like-minded Clojure devs to get together and talk environments, do exercises in 4Clojure and discuss how to build great software.

WHERE: SoundCloud HQ, Rosenthaler Strasse 13
WHEN: 8pm onwards
HOW MUCH? Free with registration at the Meetup Group


Wednesday 1 February

If you want break into e-Publishing, head to Twittwoch. This regular meeting for interested industry types will discuss the issues around using eBooks as a platform for self-publishing. Guests will include William Ruprecht Frieling - aka Prinz Rupi – an active author and eBook publisher and digital consultant.

WHERE: Der Frannz Club, Schönhauser Allee 36
WHEN: 8pm onwards
HOW MUCH? Free with registration


Thursday 2 February

If you want to rise to the top in Google rankings then head to this meeting on the black art of search engine optimisation. Aimed at businesses and employees with little or no experience, you’ll learn the basics for making your site clean, compliant and Google-friendly.

WHERE: BTZ Bildungs- und Technologiezentrum, Großer Saal, Mehringdamm 14
WHEN: 6pm to 8pm


Thursday 2  February

If you want your breakfast to have some added Awesome, then head over to Betahaus on Thursday morning. There will be an event to discuss various projects in progress for the Awesome Award. You can share ideas and discuss strategy on how to bag the €1000 award.

WHERE: Betahuas, Prinzessinnenstrasse 19-20
WHEN: 9.30am to 10.30am
HOW MUCH? Free admission, register at Betahaus


Friday 3 February

If you want some crowdsourced comedy, head to hip Neukölln kneipe, Lagari for the finest improvised comedy in English from the Comedysportz Players. The perfect start to the weekend.

WHERE: Lagari, Pfluegerstrasse 19
WHEN: From 8:30pm

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