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Village Vote – will free Wifi for Berlin ever happen?

free Wifi

Berlin bootstrappers and startups could soon be enjoying free WiFi anywhere, if Mayor Klaus Wowereit's proposed plan to roll-out city-wide WLAN comes to fruition. But will it fall down due to lengthy wranglings yet again?

Free Wifi Berlin

Free WLAN has been on the Berlin agenda for years – the ambitious rollout was initially mooted in 2007, but fell apart in 2009 due to protracted discussions around whether the transmitters would spoil the urban environment.

But during his recent 12 January address to the senate, Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit gave an impassioned speech on the Berlin infrastructure and the refreshed plans for free wifi within the Ringbhan as part of larger IT policy to attract and maintain a healthy business scene.

But what do you think? Will free Wifi for Berlin ever become reality? Take our poll below:



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