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Hi, I am Rohan McNamara and this is how I came to Berlin

What a brings a nurse to work at a startup in Berlin? Medical tourism.

When Berlin CallsRohan McNamara, a registered nurse from Australia, works for Medigo, a medical tourism startup based in Berlin. The 32-year-old shared how came to the city and how his skill set met the company’s needs.

IMG_3275"I've been abroad basically since 2011. When we, myself and my girlfriend, went back to Australia, we decided we didn't want to settle down there just yet.

I stumbled across [the job] looking for positions vacant within Berlin.

A good medical background is definitely quite an advantage, because we are getting people inquiring for all manner of ailments looking for treatments.

So knowing what the diagnosis is, what medical information is needed, to then present that to a doctor, to then ask the right questions of the doctor, to get a treatment plan back and to interpret it correctly when explaining it to the patient – especially if they haven't had direct contact with the doctor yet – is all part of that nursing skill set.

With a startup, because it is coming from the ground up, there is not necessarily every policy and procedure there from the get-go; within hospitals and medical clinics there is always the policy there. That guides your practice and the way you deal with things. We've had to make our own policy, and identify processes that needed to be formalised and documented. It's been a challenge, but one of the most exciting things.

There are a lot of new medical innovations starting to come out. That tech bubble, and all the advancements, are slowly filtering across medicine. And helping people to find treatment across borders, looking outside wherever they might be based, is something that's becoming a bigger consideration as the world opens up."

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