Wooga’s 2013 games – how well are they doing?

Pearl's Peril

Pearl's Peril

Back in February, social games maker Wooga unveiled big plans for 2013 – all-new games, a first move to the Amazon Kindle, and profitability. Three months in, how well is the company doing?

The big hit from the four all-new games released since February is Pearl's Peril, a hidden-object, mystery-solving game released for web (Facebook) on 5 March 2013. Perhaps due to Wooga's 70 per cent-strong female audience, the game is the company's fastest-growing game ever, ramping up to a million daily active users (DAUs) in 24 days. According to Facebook's own stats, which automatically appear when you search for an app, the game is currently sitting at over five million monthly users.

Wooga has said fewer than 10 per cent of total players have come through paid advertising with the rest finding the game organically, or through viral features such as cross-linking and social requests.

"Pearl's Peril has been a huge success for us, and while a game's success changes depending on what figures you're looking at, we're very happy with that launch," Wooga's PR Manager Greg Latham said.

The other new titles released for Facebook, Fantastic Forest (21 May) and Kingsbridge (28 May) are currently sitting on over 100,000 monthly users and 50,000 monthly users respectively, again according to Facebook's stats.

According to TopAppCharts, Pocket Village, released on 10 April on iOS, peaked at #46 for Simulation Games (iPhone), #10 for Simulation Games (iPad), #33 for Family Games (iPhone) and #13 for Family Games (iPad) shortly after launch. It's the company's first attempt at releasing a game for mobile first.

Wooga, founded in 2009, and alongside Zynga and King.com considered one of the world's top Facebook game makers, employs about 280 people in Berlin. The company claims about 50 million people play its games each month.

Zynga cuts 18 per cent of workforce

Zynga is still considered the social gaming market leader with claims of about 240 million monthly active users across its portfolio. The gloss is coming off, however, with news yesterday that the company would lay off 520 staffers (about 18 per cent of its workforce).


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