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Workshop 1 Highlights:

[person name="Steli Efti" url="" image="" company="" company_url="" subject="Startup Sales Kung Fu" date="10:45-11:30"]

[person name="Jörg Zätzsch" url="ätzsch" image="" company="CMS Hasche Sigle" company_url="" subject="How to be prepared for an exit from day one" date="11:35-12:20"]

[person name="Andreas Winiarski" url="" image="" company="Rocket Internet" company_url="" subject="PR is dead. Long live content marketing!" date="12:25-13:20"]

[person name="Thomas Janson" url="" image="" company="LEANBERLIN" company_url="" subject="Do it the Lean way" date="14:10-14:55"]

[person name="Fabian Westerheide" url="" image="" company="Wunsch-Brautkleid" company_url="" subject="Find the right financing model for your startup" date="15:05-15:50"]

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Workshop 2 Highlights:

[person name="Gilli Cegla" url="" image="" company="Novawind" company_url="" subject="Location matters! How to find the right spot for your startup" date="10:45-11:30"]

[person name="Dr. Axel Flasbarth" url="" image="" company="Mobile Event Guide" company_url="" subject="Audience targeting with iBeacons" date="11:40-12:25"]

[person name="Johannes Bohnet" url="" image="" company="Software Diagnostics" company_url="" subject="How to be prepared for a Technical Due Diligence" date="12:35-13:20"]

[person name="Kathrin Schürmann" url="ürmann" image="" company="Schürmann Wolschendorf Dreyer" company_url="" subject="Collecting data - How to do it right" date="14:10-14:55"]

[person name="Eva Missling" url="" image="" company=" 99 Designs" company_url="" subject="How to make your community happy" date="15:05-15:50"]

[person name="Tilo Bonow" url="" image="" company=" Piabo PR" company_url="" subject="Maximize ROI: Making the most of your PR budget" date="16:40-17:25"]

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Workshop 3 Highlights:

[person name="Philipp Hartmann" url="" image="" company="Rheingau Founders" company_url="" subject="Cross-Channel-Marketing for startups" date="15:05-15:50"]

[person name="Brian Fabian Crain" url="" image="" company="Epicenter Bitcoin" company_url="" subject="Bitcoin: The Future of Money?" date="11:40-12:25"]

[person name="Ivo Betke" url="" image="" company="Webcrowd" company_url="" subject="What's the Technical Demand Behind Your Idea" date="17:30-18:15"]

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HEUREKA – The Event Details

  • Place: Alte Münze, Molkenmarkt 2, 10179 Berlin
  • Date: Tuesday, May 6th, 2014, 9:00am till 22:00pm
  • Price: €50 for students, €250 (plus tax) for startups, €550 (plus tax) for services and companies not qualifying as startups. Get your tickets here.

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